Board of Assessors

The goal of the Board of Assessors is to provide equitable defensible assessments for all taxpayers. Duties include overview and decision making authority for all real property assessments in the City, including decisions on abatement requests, exemptions, value changes and adherence to state law.

Five Citizen Representatives and one Alternate, appointed for five year terms by City Manager.

Meeting Time & Place:
The Board meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.  Meetings are held in City Hall, with a starting time of 7 p.m.

Current Members:        
John Jay Hutchins, Chr. 02/14-02/19
Shane MacDonald 02/15-02/20
Frank Mastro 02/13-02/18
Barry G. Seaver, 06/12-06/17
Vacant, 03/14-02/19 
Vacant, Alternate

This Board is established in accordance with Chapter 673 of N.H. State Law and City Ordinance #54 (See City of Lebanon Code, Chapter 31, Article IV). Unlike most City boards, members are appointed by the City Manager in accordance with N.H. RSA 48:12 and Section 419:32 of the City Charter.

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